Pictured are five of the 14 portraits. Others in the series include players Jack Sikma, Fred Roberts, Jay Humphries, Paul Mokeski, Jeff Grayer,  Paul Pressey, and Larry Krystowiak, with coach Del Harris and owner Herb Kohl. 

Madison Art Center


David Giffey

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Tito Horford*

Sidney Moncrief*

Randy Breuer*

​Colleagues Series*

Ricky Pierce*

The "Colleagues Series" includes 14 life-size portraits of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team players, coach and owner. Each portrait is painted with acrylic and gold leaf on canvas over wood panels 2.5 feet X 8 feet each. I worked from numerous photos I took of the players during repeated visits to practice sessions and games. I was interested in the team as a racially integrated workplace, and also in depicting the players in street clothes rather than as celebrity athletes. I prepared studies for each portrait, and did the paintings using some techniques of the Byzantine icon style. I painted "Colleagues" in 1988. Each portrait required at least 100 hours of studio work. "Colleagues" was exhibited widely including shows at the Madison Art Center and the Bradley Center, Milwaukee.  

Bradley Center

Terry Cummings*